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AutoShutdown is an easy-to-use wrapper around Windows' Task Scheduler and command-line tool shutdown.exe that allows you set-and-forget.


Installation and Basic Usage

  1. Extract the contents of the .ZIP file to a folder on your hard drive.
  2. Execute AutoShutdown.exe.
  3. Click Schedule Shutdown.
  4. Select the timing options and action you'd to schedule, and click Apply.
  5. The shutdown is now scheduled in Windows' Task Scheduler - you may now close AutoShutdown.
  6. To cancel a pending shutdown, launch AutoShutdown and click Cancel Shutdown.
  7. To alter a pending shutdown, launch AutoShutdown and click Reschedule Shutdown.


  1. When launched, AutoShutdown will automatically check if a newer version is available.
  2. If a newer version is available, the update link will report "vX.X.X.X available! Click to download.".
  3. Click the update link to start downloading the newer version in the background.
  4. When the background download has completed, you will be asked to close AutoShutdown to apply the update.
    1. If you select No, you will still be able to apply the update later by clicking the link.
  5. If you select Yes, AutoShutdown will close, apply the update, and re-launch.
  6. If an error occurs, see this page for information and troubleshooting.
Simple, user-friendly main interface.
Simple, user-friendly main interface.
Simple but powerful scheduling options.
Simple but powerful scheduling options.