Mark Gillard

SCME2004: Digital Graphic Design


Some elements of the final portfolio piece were put together directly in InDesign and are not available as separate downloads (the 3x3 Colour Grid, for example). The rest I've made available here.

Final Portfolio

Print12.30 MBWeb4.92 MB

Front Cover

Self-Portrait1.25 MBMain Title3.49 MBIssue info145 KB

Page Titles

Colour Scheme565 KBFont1.06 MBCompositing1.19 MBIllusion1.29 MBPage Layout1.06 MBDoodle final1.57 MBDoodles1.40 MB


Illusion 1119 KBIllusion 2118 KB"Looming Man"61 KB


Doodle 175 KBDoodle 264 KBDoodle 371 KBDoodle 480 KBDoodle 566 KBBrushes61 KBBackground1.10 MB


Business Card3.45 MB"Circuitry"5.66 MB"Circuitry" src.

Remaining "6 Exercises"

Colour Wheel941 KBFont exercise1.06 MBPoster1.65 MB

Group Poster

There were a number of different prototype designs our group came up with, but it turned out to have been mine that was chosen as the base to work from to produce our final version. As such, I have only provided my prototype and a render of the final version. This is not intended as a slight against my fellow group members (the opposite, in fact) - it is because I do not want to appear to be taking credit for work I was not a part of.

My prototype1.46 MBFinal (HD)Final (SD)