Mark Gillard

SCME2108: Multimedia Production

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Week 1

We may be shooting a script against a blue screen for compositing over multiple backgrounds. Use this space to throw some ideas around with your classmates.

A) What basic idea may work against multiple backdrops? What styles might you use in the backgrounds to change the the story? What stylistic patterns and rhetorical systems are you considering (i.e. having the actor facing away from the camera when they make exclamation which leave the audience guessing as the their internal response).

B) To help me become aware of where you see yourself fitting into the pipeline, rank your preference for the following roles for the group work:
  1. Digital Artist
  2. Editor
  3. Camera work
  4. 3D Artist
  1. Project Manager & Documentation
  2. Games Graphics
  3. General Hand
  4. Writer

This is all provisional, there is a good chance you do not yet know where you fit. Take a punt.

A) I tend to find that replacing a backdrop (to give the illusion of the scene taking place somewhere else) is a rather shallow and obvious filming technique, so if given the option I'd shy away from doing so entirely. The main reason for this is that unless you have very high production values, or a very high skill level, it ruins the suspension of disbelief for me.

An alternative I'd like to explore would be to use a particular object as being the thing being keyed out/replaced - a window, a piece of paper, etc. - something physically part of the scene.

B) My top 3 from that list would be 3D Artist, Digital Artist and Games Graphics, in no particular order, with the remaining 5 not really of any interest. I have some interest in creative writing, so serving as a Writer holds appeal, although I'm inclined to think anyone motivated to start and run a creative project with a narrative requirement will themselves have a very solid story idea in place already, and will not need much help here.

Ideally, if an opportunity to serve as a "Games Programmer" were to present itself, that would be my ultimate first preference.

Week 9

List two influential artists in your field, including links to their work. By 'your field' I mean an area of digital production that interests you. These could include web-designers, matte painters, programmers, game artists, compositors or fine artists.

Edmund McMillen Game Designer - Creator of Super Meat Boy. He's a good example of the 'indie developer' spirit that has found renewed drive since platforms like Steam have made it easier to get published. Plus, his games have an awesome visual style and remind me of being a very young boy playing brutally hard fast-paced platformers (as opposed to the sickly reward-cycle-feeding circle-jerk games have turned into now).

Tim Sweeney (Founder of Epic Games) and John Carmack (founder of id Software). These guys are tied equally for the coveted title of "the MAN". These are the old-school gods of game programming, doing entire engines themselves and fuelling their companies' early successes off the backs of their own skill.