Mark Gillard

SCME2202: 3D Animation

Final Render, Part 3 - May 29, 2013

Before I moved onto the next few 'stages' of the final render, I figured I'd spend some time on the background scene, and boy, did this become an adventure. My initial thinking was setting the scene in the middle of a circus tent with a full crowd waving and cheering. So, untempered by how ambitious this would actually be, I set off making a circus tent. I did this by:

  1. Making a cone about the size of the tent I wanted;
  2. Duplicating the cone, shrinking the copy slightly;
  3. Taking the boolean Difference of the two to only leave a very thin 'wall'
  4. Cutting the top of the cone and deleting it, to give it a flat surface;
  5. Creating 10 hexagonal cylinders and placing them at equal points around the edge of the cone;
  6. Taking the boolean Difference of the cone with the cylinders to cut them out of the cone, making the tapers that lead off to the ropes;
  7. Cleaning up unnecessary vertices created during boolean operations;
  8. Making a 'pipe' with a very small thickness and the same number of sides and radius as the cone, to serve as the walls;
  9. Making a cylinder and a cube to serve as the rope and tent peg, and duplicating these at the points of the tent cone, and
  10. Creating a NURBS plane underneath it to serve as the 'ground', with a few 'hills'.
My tent.
My tent.

Ok, so that looks pretty good. Now I needed to texture the thing. I could have just created a couple of lamberts of different colours and made the stripes manually, but I chose instead to texture it using a stripe texture I found. Created a lambert with a file link as the Colour input, and..

That was not what I inTENTed.
That was not what I inTENTed.

So yeah. That didn't go according to plan. Fortunately for me I actually had some knowledge in this area; I remembered long long ago, when I worked in the UT2004 modding community, hearing people complaining about this mysterious and tedious thing called UV mapping. I set about learning how to do this in Maya, ultimately discovering the Cylindrical Mapping tool (Create UV's » Cylindrical Mapping). After a bit of resizing to get the texture to sit how I wanted, I had this thing:

TENTative progress.
TENTative progress.
With that out of the way, the tent needed some internals. Having already spent a reasonably long time at this point, I decided that I wasn't going to magic up an entire audience because it would either take a very long time or require wizard-level knowledge that I do not possess. So instead, I settled for some rather simple fencing, bleachers, entrance, and tent support structure, with a basic woodgrain texture: Got wood?
Got wood?

And since this took me far longer than I'd like to admit, I phoned it in at this point.

Supporting materials

Prac 9117 KBTent stripesDirt textureWood fence texture