Mark Gillard

SCME2202: 3D Animation

Foot - April 4, 2013

First thing to note about modelling the foot: the sketches we were provided didn't match each other (they weren't "registered" was the terminology, IIRC). I thought nothing of it, resolving to fix it myself in Photoshop before getting in too deep, and didn't give it any further pause. Turns out, Theo knew they weren't 100% and was using it as a teaching opportunity - "when you get sketches from clients you can't be certain they'll be correct, so this isn't any different" was the (paraphrased) response given to people raising ire during grading. Props to me for actually using my brain, heh.

I ended up spending a lot of time refining this model, as I found modelling both the subtle curvature on the side of the foot and a realistic arch underneath to be a relatively challenging process. When modelling anything anatomical, it would seem there is a very fine line between a model looking amazing and it looking completely and utterly disfigured. Not looking forward to the modelling the face.

I actually did this model twice, if I'm honest. I did one following the prac to the letter, then another one using the different method described in my entry about the Hand. I was still a bit reluctant to deviate completely from the prac documents during the Hand but doing so for the Foot I let myself play around much more freely, and ended up much happier with the second version. Probably a lesson in that.

Supporting materials

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