Mark Gillard

Flinders University Topics


COMP3771 - Advanced Databases Semester 1, 2014

A focused look at advanced database and conceptual modelling techniques, including high levels of normalization, efficiency, cloud implementations, Big Data, etc.

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SCME2203 - 3D Effects Semester 2, 2013

Building on the skills taught in 3D Animation, this topic gave thorough coverage of lighting, animating, and rendering as well as different particle effects and physics simulation systems within Maya. Again, a final portfolio piece was produced using the new skills.

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SCME2202 - 3D Animation Semester 1, 2013

An introduction to fundamental 3D modelling and animating concepts using Maya, as well as the production of a final 'portfolio' piece.

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SCME2004 - Digital Graphic Design Semester 1, 2013

A broad introduction to graphic design tecnhiques, combining Photoshop and Illustrator with photography, sketching, client needs analysis and media archiving methods.

I also taught myself to use InDesign to put together the final portfolio piece for this topic, though this was extra-curricular.

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SCME2108 - Multimedia Production Semester 1, 2013

Focused on developing multimedia pipeline workflow, Multimedia Production combined individual work, group work, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and web development skills to produce one of the more stressful topics I've done so far :P

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