Mark Gillard

Windows Applications

Flactric logo

Flactric .NET 4.0

Flactric is designed to make tagging, sorting, cleaning and syncing of large locally-stored music libraries a breeze.

Command-line parameters allow automation of batch operations, letting you set up operations on a schedule.

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VSDeployer .NET 4.0

A command-line utility for automatically packaging compiled Visual Studio projects into ZIP files for rapid deployment.

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JSPP - Javascript Preprocessor .NET 4.0

A command-line utility for compiling a Javascript "project" from many separate modules using a C-like preprocessor syntax.

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AutoShutdown logo

AutoShutdown .NET 4.0

AutoShutdown is an easy-to-use wrapper around Windows' Task Scheduler and command-line tool shutdown.exe that allows you set-and-forget.

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LANBuddy logo

LANBuddy .NET 4.0

LANBuddy is a suite of programs I developed to make running gaming LAN events much easier for the hosts, and finding information and keeping track of the schedule much easier for the attendees.

Includes on-the-fly schedule management, serverless LAN Chatroom, display clients for use on projectors & halls, and more.

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ioQuake3 Launcher logo

ioQuake3 Launcher .NET 4.0

Quake III: Arena is a fantastic game, made even better by the engine-updating work done by the ioquake3 team.

One of the big problems with it, as with many older games, is that much of the functionality of the game is only exposed on the command line or using the built-in console. Remembering all the commands and parameters can be a challenge, so I've created a handy launcher to encapsulate a lot of that functionality in a GUI.

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RosterReader logo

RosterReader .NET 3.5

If you work at an Australian McDonald's store, either in management or as crew, this program will allow you to export your roster to your Google Calendar or Apple iCalendar.

I originally wrote this for myself to avoid manually copying my roster to my google calendar (when I was a lowly dredge), but it's useful enough for the masses.

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ShiftAlerts logo

ShiftAlerts .NET 2.0

Designed for a retail/hospitality environment, ShiftAlerts regularly shows important reminders on designated displays at intervals you choose.

It can also display scrolling 'hints', for desseminating important, oft-forgotten pieces of information and procedural knowledge.

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CashAssistant logo

CashAssistant .NET 2.0

A program designed to help count cash drawers, store float and shift deposits in a retail environment.

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